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  Redistributing the future - Are we using our tools or are they using us? (Read on)
  New Zealand's Field of Dreams - If we don't build it they won't come (2010) (Read on)
Avoiding shock, horror video download charges - User pays on YouTube and Facebook, June 2010  (Read on)
Bible & Treaty: Missionaries Among the Maori - A new perspective
Keith Newman (Penguin). Release July 2010 (264 pages, illustrated.

ible & Treaty
: Missionaries among the Māori is a complex and colourful adventure of faith, bravery, perseverance and betrayal that seeks to recover lost connections in the
story of modern New Zealand.

 It brings a fresh perspective to the missionary story, from the lead-up to Samuel Marsden's first sermon on New Zealand soil, and the intervening struggle for survival and understanding, to the dramatic events that unfolded around the Treaty of Waitangi and the disillusionment that led to the Land Wars in the 1860s.  While some missionaries clearly failed to live up to their high calling, the majority committed their lives to Māori and were instrumental in spreading Christianity, brokering peace between warring tribes, and promoting literacy through translating and printing their own indigenous-language Bible books.

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Further information: Bible & Treaty promotional material at Penguin

 In search of the poet's voice  Keith's rant about poetry and passion
Information Overload  Dealing with techno-stress.  (Updated July 2010)
Don't take life too seriously   Paradox of the age


Connecting the Clouds: The Internet in New Zealand
Keith Newman. Activity Press/InternetNZ, August 2008.

This past 100 years has seen more pervasive change than history has recorded for the previous millennia.
he promise of what the future might hold has us totally sucked in to an endless upgrade path, drawn by a compelling vision of a world where bandwidth is free and we're in touch with anyone, anywhere, anytime. In its wake this revolution has left many markers to remind us how quietly it began and how rowdy things have got lately. To set the tone and pace of our journey into the history of the Internet and its modern day impact on New Zealand and the world, we need to review the old school innovations that bought us this far. From the mid-1800s a raft of changes began transforming our ability to communicate from the dark ages to literally the age of light. (Read on)

Milestones: a history of telecommunications.
An active document covering the key events in New Zealand and global telecommunications with links to relevant articles and background information. Timeline included. 

  Technology articles and archive Keith's contributions to mainstream media

Rock from the Edge
In New Zealand in the mid-60s resident nightclub and touring bands were developing their own distinctive hard-edged rock guitar-based underground sound based around international
influences and their own experimentation. Bands including Human Instinct with guitarist Billy T.K, Jigsaw featuring Chas Bourke Kennedy, Ticket with Eddie Hansen, The Underdogs with Harvey Mann and The Brew featuring Doug Jerebine (new updated story) competed for the crowds and much of the attention was on the axemen.

The Underdogs
and Human Instinct pushed each other to cult status, however the Human Instinct were the first to record an album in 1969 with guitarist Billy T. K exhibiting a wild contemporary bluesy style in the tradition of Hendrix. As recent generations of musicians and music lovers look back to examine New Zealand's music heritage more gems keep coming out of the woodwork. Human Instinct's long lost Peg Leg album from the late 1970s emerged a couple of years back, their long awaited Midnight Sun CD is due for release on Ode records any day now (honest) and now the HMV sessions with Billy T.K and Powerhouse now on CD for the first time. (Read on )

Kiwi Rock exports 
Which bands and artists made an impact offshore through touring or record sales.  A living document. Help me build it? Recently updates (2008) Although the material below is a little archival. I'm working on it, really..)

Ratana the Prophet.
‘I, Ihoa, have heard the cry of the people, this is the reason why I have come to you, the Maori people, to be my footstool upon the earth. Go forth and unite the Maori people under me, Ihoa, heal them in all their infirmities, in the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Faithful Angels,’
- T.W. Ratana’s vision, 1918.

The thoroughly researched and referenced and widely acclaimed original work Ratana Revisited - an unfinished legacy was published by Reed in July 2006. It's pretty much sold out now but the more mainstream, more affordable version Ratana the Prophet,  (Penguin 2009). is now available direct from the author .(Read on for details, reviews, updates and photos.)

Spiritual Musings   
Soul Searching   -  a fresh look at life's big  questions. 
The Spiritual Golden Rule (Do unto others....)   The Desiderata (the real origins)
  The "real" Bible code (Dr Ivan Panin's research on Bible Numerics)
  666 syndrome (Curious explanations and reader contributions)
Beastly rumours persist (updated article)
 The Inspiration Pool (dive right on in for some quotes and encouragement)
  Heart restoration clues

Kiwi Culture 
New Zealand's Top 30 Songs of the past 75-years 
 Kiwi Music Gallery - Photographs from Keith's collection 
Kiwi Music Links   - Artists, resources and related URLs
  Local artists exceed airplay quota (2001-2-3)
The Year New Zealand's Voice Broke (2003)  Reid On...
Is New Zealand the next Sweden?
  Where do CD profits go - a breakdown of CD revenues (2002)
What are mechanical royalties? - Mike Chunn,  APRA New Zealand (2003)
Cultural Colonisation The Irish Perspective (2000 )
  Cultural confidence required Michael Barnett, 
director of What Becomes of the Broken Hearted speaks out about what's killing Kiwi culture (1999).
  What's on where? (places to go  to keep in the know) 
  MP34Me. Download music by artists hosted at Wordworx 
  Fractured English (don't use no double negatives)    Cool quotes  (words to ponder)
  Apocalypse Wow!  Links to weird and wonderful sites full of prognostication, leg pulling, serious prophecy attempts, interpretations,
new age ideologies and thought provoking information. Enter at your own risk. This stuff is contagious.
Poetic licence
Mouse the cover to access Garageweb
Original poems and lyrics from Keith Newman including excerpts from the multimedia CD and book 
MP3 tracks now live at
Family of Friends  Newman / Collinge (Lyrics page)    Sosad (Talk to Me Please) Keith Newman (Lyrics page)

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