The Inspiration Pool
When Your Head Spins
From The SOSAD Initiative (Save our sons and daughters)

SOSAD (Talk to Me Please)
Keith Newman (Poem lyrics)
Tired of the endless game when it seems you're the only one playing?
  Family of Friends
Newman / Collinge
Be the friend you need to someone all comes 'round in the end (Lyrics page)

  Don't Be Fooled By Me
Music by The Gav, lyrics anonymous
(Lyrics Page)
 "Donít be fooled you what you see for I wear a thousand faces and none of them are me." 

Inspirational quotes and uplifting information
Suicide warning signs  How to help 
Emergency numbers to call in New Zealand
The latest NZ suicide statistics News archive

response to the youth suicide crisis in New Zealand and around the world featuring free downloads of original MP3 songs, written with compassion and insight and designed to be a breath of fresh air when all around is confusion.

You will also find here an archive of encouraging and inspiring quotes and stories to help you get some perspective 'when your head spins'. Further information about the project and the latest news on youth suicides in New Zealand can be found at

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