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Occasional moments in New Zealand rock history
Compiled by Keith Newman

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At right, the late great Ricky May (at right) and Australian horn player James Morrison at a jazz festival in Auckland circa 1987
- pic Keith Newman

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Kiwi Rock from the Edge Who made an impact offshore through touring or record sales.
A living document detailing the artists who made an impression offshore in the 60s-70s. Help me build it?

Leo de Castro (left) and Cahoots, who gained a strong following in Sydney during the early 1970s. Leo gave me the photo when I was working on a TV documentary called Soul Searching for Channel 9 in Sydney in 1976 that never quite got past the script stage.
Left to right Leo (Kiwi Kino) de Castro, guitarist Harris Campbell (deceased), drummer and percussionist Sunil de Silva, and bass player Billy Ryland.

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  Australian-based Southern Cross (left) featured drummer Jeff Beacham from Hastings group Abraxas who were resident at the Mayfair Hotel in 1972-73. Beacham is now co-pastor of a Sydney-based megachurch. At right the Renee Geyer Band featuring Wanganui keyboard player Mal Logan, Barry Sullivan on bass, Mark Punch on guitar (second right) and drummer Greg Tell, who was resident in New Zealand for a time. Greg was drummer in black American group Powerhouse which played Whiskey a Go Go in Sydney (1973-74) featuring guitarist Bobby Warren, later managed by webmaster Keith Newman