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  Challenges for the Church
Just what is going on in churches today that makes people want to stay away in droves? Why is going to church is on so many people's hate lists?

They'd rather go to the movies, watch a video, read a book, listen to music, visit a nightclub, talk with friends, go for a long walk, hide under the sheets - anything but go to church. Soul Searching discovers God is more interested in you than some building with stained glass windows and hard wooden pews.

  In Search of Heaven:
In the Lord's Prayer it says: Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven." But most people don't realise that Jesus is saying heaven can come to earth. Soul Searching explores the heavenly possibilities.

  Who are You?
It's not enough to have the outward appearance of identity, to be abreast of the fashions and up with the music and conversations pieces of the times. we need an inner assurance that we are on course and in the process of becoming someone we like. Soul Searching looks at the identity crisis.

  The Bright Spark Network:
What is it that makes some of us wet blankets and others bright sparks?
Can a smile really change the world?

The State of our Heart:
In the Old Testament the Psalms tell us "the fool has said in his heart there is no God''- but the Psalmist also writes "if we delight ourselves in God he will give us the desires of our heart''. So what's at the heart of you. Soul Searching looks at the marvels of the heart and at some heart restoration clues.

Only The Lonely:
 Love songs it seems are rivalled only by lonely songs. Maybe there are as many lonely people in the world today as there are lovers? Perhaps even lovers can be lonely? Soul Searching looks at loneliness and asks is there a cure?

Coping with Change
If we are to survive what lies ahead and be a part of tomorrow's world we must be prepared for constant change. We must know ourselves to take control of our own destiny or be forced to conform to someone else’s idea of the big picture. Soul Searching goes beyond small change.

What's It Worth:
We're born....We live...We die... We wonder why? So what's it worth this business called life? Can we place a value on it or is it just a fleeting thing
Here today, gone tomorrow? What's it worth? Soul Searching takes a look.

  When Love Is A Battlefield:
What is this thing called love? Is it a mixture of Days of our Lives, Mills and Boone, Women's Weekly, romantic idealistic sort of stuff which goes on happily ever after once Mr and Miss Right meet each other's longing glances across a crowded room? If that's the case then I suggest most of us have missed the boat. Why is love more often like a battlefield than a bed of rose petals? Soul Searching explores the issues.

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