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Had enough of traditional church and need to rethink the issues, have your brain stimulated or just need access to some good teaching and resources? Check out these links.

Dechurch, add the Word, stimulate your brain
Teachers you can trust
Insights more focused on prophets than profits?
Radical Christianity, New Reformation, Third Wave thinking,
Maori theology, Hollywood Jesus, on-line labyrinth
Kiwi churches and movements with a difference
Ezines, blogs, challenging discussions, media

The Spiritual Golden Rule (Do unto others....)
  The Desiderata (the real origins)
  The "real" Bible code (Dr Ivan Panin's research on Bible Numerics)
  666 syndrome (Unlock the mysterious number. Curious explanations and reader contributions)
Beastly rumours persist ( living article facing on going updates)
 The Inspiration Pool (dive right on in for some quotes and encouragement)
The Joseph Company by David Wilkerson ( Encouragement for those going through hard times )

Dechurch, add the Word, stimulate your brain

Bryan Winter hosts this eclectic site about getting the system out of the church and the church out of your system.
dechurch (di:tsher:tsh) vb. -dechurched. (tr.) 1. uncovering institutional christendoms influence in social conditioning. 2. extracting spirituality from quagmire of tradition. 3. discerning Jesus after surviving clerical worldview. 4. refusing to check your brain in as you enter the church door. See defrocked, irreligious, and above all, The Bible. Radical, certainly controversial but why should we only ever read things we agree with?

   Search the Word in 31 languages
Passage or word search on 16 different versions of the Bible in 31 different languages including Maori.

Form & Matter – food for the brain
Reading List for potential and struggling Christians proving you don’t have to leave your brain at the door when you become involved with the church. A great list compiled by recommended reading for those who a modern day perspective that will challenge, excite and inspire

Meet, think, question, consider.
The Form and Matter site for thinking Christians and skeptics to meet on a friendly playing field and consider the life of faith. Links to many similar sites and plenty of room for stimulating interaction.

Maori theology, Hollywood Jesus, on-line labyrinth

   Maori Theology
A comprehensive thesis on Maori theology as it relates to the Gospel, the result of years of research by Michael Shirres a Dominican monk who died in 1997 after a three year battle with motor neurone disease.

Hollywood Jesus
You what? Yes that’s right a site dedicated to the spiritual aspects of what’s going on in the world’s movie capital ranging from which movies have spiritual themes to reviews, insights, art and comment.

London’s On-line Labyrinth
Take a multimedia journey into the Labyrinth, be challenged about your journey, who you meet along the way and finding the courage to press forward in the strange paradox of faith as a pilgrim and traveler. A meditation, a stimulation and inspiration.

Attempts at exposing cults, false teachers and religions that exist in our world today. Unfortunately they rubbish some good people but generally stick with sound doctrine. Make your own mind up. Might be a bit legalistic and in fact damaging to some moern moves of God. But as they say ‘ let us reason’. No harm in being challenged. 

Kiwi churches and movements with a difference

Pushing the envelope
Graceway Baptist, Ellerslie, Auckland featuring weblogs, and a colourful challenging format with poetry, ecological and ethnic themes alongside spiritual insights

Futurechurch New Zealand
Seeking to make connections between groups, to provide a hub of information and to celebrate the diversity and colour of what is happening in relation to contemporary exploration of Christian spirituality. Join the network.

Radical Christianity, New Reformation, Third Wave thinking,

The Next Wave
Church and Culture. Articles, blogs, insights, upsets, challenges and some damn fine reading to be found here if you are looking to see how the church needs to evolve to remain relevant to this and forthcoming generations

Radical Christianity
For over 40 years Nate and Joanne Krupp have been calling the Church to return to the Radical Christianity of the New Testament. They say Church of Jesus Christ is in the process of major change, restoring it to the radical Christianity of the first century in preparation for: a great end-time revival, a final, great ingathering of the harvest, coming persecution. Check it out. 

The Next Reformation
Articles, discussion, insights into how to detox from the last big moves in ‘church’ what the next big shake-up is and how to get there. Plenty of resources here.

Ezines, blogs, challenging discussions, media

The Ooze
Conversations for the journey. Culture and faith. Blogs, articles, newsletters, discussion around radical Christianity.

Jerusalem’s leading Christian newspaper
Bible discoveries, Jesus and the church. The Jerusalem Christian Review... has opened a new era of direct fellowship between believers world-wide and members of the Jerusalem Christian community. I strongly support what they are doing." - Dr. James C. Dobson, host, Focus on the Family.

Reality Magazine
A New Zealand site based around content published in the magazine of the same name. Thorough and information articles, intelligent reading. Challenging stuff.

Shoot the Messenger
Australian-based site aimed at providing a resource to mepower those living and communicating the gospel with a focus on interpreting and critiquing popular culture in all its forms: music, film, literature, magazines, TV and cultural trends e.g. fashion, recreation, New Age beliefs, social, philosophical and political issues. Looks like they stopped publishing though but good archive of material here.

A journal of experiences, a forum for inspiration, a home for expressions of celebration of the life we share as followers of Jesus. ignite exists to ignite, inform, and inspire the ROCKharbor community and others

A Canadian based site claiming to be a collaboration with writers, poets, thinkers, activists, art lovers, philosophers, and readers which results in a well designed, thought provoking magazine.

Dtour Webzine
Australian online Christian community discussing issues of community, culture, faith & ministry in the emerging postmodern world. Culture, news, links, features, bloggers.

Mike Riddell’s Homepage
Mike Riddell is a wordsmith and raconteur. Screenwriter, novelist, playwright and poet, Mike mines the vaults of the psyche in search of stories which are capable of helping us embrace our humanity. From Dunedin in the south of New Zealand he lives and writes and dreams in glorious obscurity, bounded by the endless southern ocean and the embryonic Otago hills.

Teachers you can trust

Joyce Meyer

Down to earth, practical, real world ministry from Joyce Meyer. Her "Life In The Word" television series is also worth checking out on TV.

Ravi Zacharias.
Teaching, preaching, articles and resources from Ravi Zacharias. including powerful arguments, compelling logic, and sincere compassion will.

Chuck Swindoll
The home page of bible teacher Chuck Swindoll... Find resources to meet your immediate needs, get daily encouragement, listen to Insight for Living broadcasts, and much more.

Chuck Missler

Insights more focused on prophets than profits?

  Prophets preach revival
New Zealand site run by Andrew Strom which keeps an up to date list of prophetic words and runs a regular newsgroup where you can receive updates on a semi regular basis

Generals of Intercession
Cindy Jacobs site. This modern day prophetess has achieved a high degree of accuracy in her pronouncements. Widely recognized as a prophet to the nations, Dr. Cindy Jacobs is the President and Co-Founder of Generals of Intercession, a missionary organization devoted to training in prayer and spiritual warfare. She is the author of three best-selling books, including Possessing the Gates of the Enemy, the Voice of God, and Women of Destiny.

Bob Jones & Paul Keith Davis   
The supernatural is apparently an everyday occurrence to Bob Jones.  He ministers prophetically to people and the Lord moves ttouching on their past wounds, present circumstances, and future dreams helping make them whole.  "I just tell them what the Lord reveals to me," Bob says. Paul Keith Davis spent 20 years in the business arena before entering full-time ministry. He and his wife Wanda founded White Dove Ministries. They have traveled extensively speaking at conferences and churches imparting the end-time mandate of preparation for the glory and manifest presence of Christ.  Keith Davis has written a number of articles for Christian publications including the Morning Star Journal and Church Growth International. For each of the past several years, he has also written with Bob Jones the prophetic book entitled The Shepherd's Rod.                    

Check out the Shepherd’s Rod prophecies for 2004

Patricia King
Patricia King is a passionate, prophetic personality who is the host of Extreme Prophetic Television. She has had over 20 years of background as a Christian minister in conference speaking, prophetic service, church leadership, and television & radio appearances. 

Fresh Fire
Todd Bentley’s prophecy Living in the Supernatural

Prophetic updates
So you thought there were few prophets with anything to say of any import. This site seems to log dozens a day from all over the world. Scary God can supposedly be saying so many contradictory things to so many people at the same time. Make your own mind up

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