*unmerited favour
I can feel the bones
under the flesh of my face
Life is moving at a terrible pace.
There's no security under the law
No-one to pick you off the floor
It's everyone for themselves
and all of us wanting more.

I talk about faith
and demand to know what’s been decreed.
I rush ahead and complain about the speed.
Can’t get to the tree of life
cause I’m stuck up the knowledge tree.
I want to understand everything
My sin is gluttony.

Without the grace of God
I'd have nothing
It would have ended a long time ago
in drunken nights and foolishness,
under the weight of all the guilt trips
and the pain that won’t let go.

Without the grace of God
we're pissing in the sea
Wasted space between birth and death
Life's a lottery;
We're just monkeys
swinging in talltower trees
waving our dirty laundry in the breeze.

Nothing grand and wonderful
in the great beyond
not even ripples in the pond;
just memories in some old scrapbook
a stab in the dark that somebody took

Only confusion for the truthseeker
and broken hearts galore
Injustice and harsh words for the poor.
Without the grace of God
There’s no-one to open the door:

Our faith like birdseed 
scorched by the sun's rays
Our prayers wasted on judgment day
just like the rich man trying to pay his way.

Everything is shadows
... an accident in action
there is no need of passion
We're just DNA in fashion
trying not to fade away.

Half open or half shut I cannot tell
But there is an opening, I know it well
I've been there and back and off the track
and this must be revealed:

Without grace 
we won’t be here for very long
Without the grace of God
... there’s nothing going on.

- Keith Newman 1998

"The world is hopeless
and falling apart;
The Kingdom of God is full of hope 
and it's coming together"     

  The Gift Of Love

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