The Gift of Love
You can speak in every language
under the sun
Say to the mountain: move along
But you may as well bang a cymbal
or sound a gong
Without love to help you
sing that song.

You can tell the future
Wrestle with the mysteries of time
But without love
You've got nothing to make it rhyme.

Give everything you own to the poor
preach the gospel until your voice is raw
Without love it's nothing
Until you show your ego the door.

No grudges at the back of your mind
No room for to be boastful or selfish
Love is patient and never unkind.

Love is loyal, no matter the cost
When invested, it's never lost
Hates injustice, rejoices when truth wins
With the power of  Christ love has wings.

One day we'll look in the mirror
and see as we are seen
maybe then we'll know what it all means
But what remains is treasure from above
Faith, hope and the gift of love.

(Loosely translated from 1 Corinthians 13 by Keith Newman, May 2000)
Cleaning Out The Garage, 2002
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