Get Up ‘n Gone
(memories circa 1978-79)

Tripping down memory lane
the branches reach out
and call my name
Casual lady changes
to a salamander 
with dragon’s head.
My world is unraveling
I think I lost the thread.

So I wander into town
fired by some strange passion
Knocking on every church door
Demanding to know if God is in.

At the vegetarian café
I catch the pseudo guru in drag
Then Golden Harvest at the Fitz
In for the last song
The band shake my hand

At the late night bar
Johnny’s hammering the keys
Grinning wildly
Miss Manawatu introduces her man
But I am beyond polite 
He tries to pick a fight.

Early morning teeth grinding,
body involuntarily shaking
Way past peaking
withdrawing from that last trip
down memory lane
Remind me. Never again.

- Keith Newman © 2000

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