There was a time when I gave it all away
turned my back on the world
to search my soul;
put away my own agenda to seek for signs.
At the dark edge of a decaying life
I called your name, again and again
trying to make sense of your book
You walked me through an open door
and bathed me in light.
Things were different from that day on.
No longer streetwise, but like a babe in arms:
Naive. A back-to-basics urchin
 in a strange culture
Alien, but with a home for my heart.
The years wore me down
lowering my resistance.
I gave up my selfish reins 
then took them back again.

You washed me in the water of life
I went out and muddied my garments;
You gave me gifts aplenty
I took them to the world
and got lost in the marketplace
where few have an ear to hear.
I cast pearls in a pigsty 
and got trampled on.
Caught between my inclination
and your invitation;
You wait with open arms and a heavenly feast
I struggle with the nature of the beast.

                                                                                                                      - Keith Newman   
Cleaning Out The Garage, 2002  
Beastly Rumours Persist (article)
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