Ratana: The Prophet belongs to all those who are hungry for reconciliation between tribes and nations and to ‘the generation’ who Ratana believed would pick up his spiritual and political mantle and lead the way through the open gate or doorway to true enlightenment and prosperity.”
— Keith Newman, Ratana - the Prophet (Penguin, 2009)

T.W. Ratana 'iconic portrait' and Healing Hands
Two powerful prints from the brush of top New Zealand surrealist and portrait painter Paula Novak.

 From the skilled artistry of Paula Novak, one of New Zealand's most talented surrealists painters, come two compositions that celebrate  the key symbols and elements in the life of Maori prophet Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana. The 'T.W. Ratana iconic portrait' shows the Maori prophet in the prime of his ministry between the two world wars surrounded by some of the rich symbolism that represented his mission to unify, heal and restore the Maori people who had been devastated by decades of wars, land loss and disease.

Healing Hands
, with Mt Taranaki as the backdrop to a heavenly waterfall and rainbow is symbolic of personal healing and renewal. The canvas speaks strongly about restoration and healing of the land around Taranaki after the turbulent conflicts over Maori land in the 1860s.

Now for the first time prints of both paintings are being made available for public sale (Read on)


A3 prints on quality card suitable for framing $35
A4 size prints n quality card suitable for framing $20. Postage add $5 within New Zealand
Place  order here with print name and size.  Online bank deposit or PayPal preferred to ensure prompt delivery.

Ratana - the Prophet  by Keith Newman (Raupo Penguin, 2009 )
Last  copies, signed . Special price $35. Available
from the author.
Ratana Revisited
- An Unfinished Legacy (Reed/Raupo 2006) Out of print. Only a few left $100 direct
from the author

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