Youth speak out about suicide and depression

Never under estimate the power of prayer when dealing with others. When you don't know what to say, or you've repeated yourself so many times, you can always say, "Ill keep you in my prayers." Knowing someone is praying for you, whether or not the person believes in God, is a feeling of love, caring and compassion. I know prayer works. Don't worry about that. When you say it, mean it, do it. The Power of Prayer is an incredible thing - use it!

Erica, 15 -

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~ HOW ~
How can you let people close to you when you don't know if they are going to stay around or not?
How can you tell if you can risk, if they'll care?
How can you tell if what you have to say, people will want to hear?
How can you let them inside you into a place that will bring them down?
How can you let them in your heart without knowing if they are going to run or stay?
How far and how long does it take to get to the place where you can't remember and you can't forget?
How can you lead people down a path to yourself when you can't even lead yourself?
If I pay the price, if I go just how far I have to go, if I let people into my heart how can I not think twice?
There is only one way to find the answer. And it is totally up to you, it's your choice and most of us don't choose it. To have the strength, the confidence and the courage to be happy you have to face fear in the face.
You have to do the thing you think you cannot do and then from that the answer to HOW comes naturally.
Always remember that no matter how hard it gets, no matter how long the day is hold on. When you think you've had to much hang in there because no matter how bad your day is, you can count on one thing, you can be sure of one thing the day has to end. Tommorrow won't nessecarily be any better but same theory, do the time hang in there and hold on, hold on to hope. Because when the days are that bad hope is the only feeling that you have. Hope is the feeling, that the feeling you have isn't pernament.
All the best Brooke Shannon. - July 14, 1997

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One day, just simply walk down the street. Do you notice something? It's people. Men and women you don't know, each with a history you may never find out. These people may have problems, but they're strangers, right? How can you help? Most people think it's hopeless. Sometimes it may be, but what do you think a smile does? A warm greeting toward them? You may not see it, but that person most likely won't forget too soon. Their attitude may brighten, even just a little. It causes a chain reaction that touches people beyond your normal reach. Now, weren't you just thinking it was hopeless to reach strangers? So what if you do that, then what? Well, you have friends. There are alot of people that you are close to that have a front. They smile, they laugh, each person seems perfectly fine. How much have you listened to that person lately or had a deep conversation with them? Teen suicide is unexpected and tragic. Your best friend may be reaching out to you and you find "better" things to do with your time. Don't take life for granted. You may be able to handle tragedy, but how many millions of teens, people that could have known you, will die by their own hand? It is sad, it is tragic, but it will be hopeless if you think that there is nothing you can do about it. There is a way that you can give people hope. You know now how you can help. Do it, because you don't know who is the next to take thier own life. If you want to talk or need advice or a good listener, please email me. - July 14, 1997

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I suppose you could call depression "the worm in the apple." And I think it could be said that there is a "worm" in all of us, but it only comes out in some apples. It takes a lot of courage to let this "worm", depression, out - but even more courage and perseverence to rid ourselves of it completely. I know that some people get confused and don't know how to release the worm. That's where it gets bad. Here it depends on the clairvoyance of close friends and family to detect the problem and do something about it. When people can't get the worm out, they need help from others. If there is anyone you know who seems to be in distress, ask them if they need help. Or if you're in trouble, tell someone. You could prevent an untimely death.

Olivia, 13 - July 6, 1997

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