From horseback to spaceships
and walking on the moon
science fiction 
becomes fact so soon.
Glimpses of the future going past
the days have wings, they move so fast.

From Morris Minor Mecca 
to Toyota town
valve radio in the cowshed
to multimedia in the lounge.
Technology tidal waves 
rushing to our shores
My PC is a mailbox, 
my TV's a whore
There's never enough, only more.

No time for pondering 
or to let things settle
to consider the value of truth 
or with angels wrestle
In too much hurry to contemplate
Results are needed now, there's no time to wait.

So much to take on board
too little space, so much stored
too busy gathering information
to make sense of what we've absorbed.

Conflicting signals green and red
traffic's jammed for miles ahead
Technology's tentacles all embracing
you can't slip the net
 if you're worth catching
If the speed camera's don't get you
it'll be datamatching.

Keanu Reeves plays Johnny Mnemonic
in the movie version
of William Gibson's cyberthriller

Out on the Internet 
making connections
the latest in a long list of distractions.
The computer helps you 
order your thoughts
turns them into ones and noughts,
but the disk is full 
and the days are too short.
Drowning in data, thirsty for truth
endless information, 
but a shortage of proof.
Disenfranchised from our roots
No continuity, no absolutes.

It's the technostress, 
multi-tasking blues
Too much to remember, 
so much to lose
57 channels to choose:
It's the technostress, 
multi-tasking blues
Information overload, 
click & choose.

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