Dark clouds surround me
looking for someone to blame
Running through puddles in the rain
trying to wash away 
the mark of Cain.

Umbrellas out, wrapped up warm
going to weather this storm
endure the struggle
until my heart's reborn.

Through the grass and on the beaches
nature's gentle message reaches
deep into my mind
Wondrous wisdom whispers 
helping me unwind.

No point complaining about obstacles

You miss the journey and fail to see
The hand of God in every bird and tree
and how the right truth will set you free.

What's the use of all this worry
tomorrow's another story
Got to give it a try, maybe I can fly
No excuse to live a lie.

Stormclouds on collision crash
Jagged streaks of lightning flash
Turning worldly worries into ash.

Look into a clear blue sky
Storm's at an end
Remember every day is your friend.
No more shifting the blame
No more mark of Cain.
No excuse to live a lie.
Give it a try, maybe I can fly

-Keith Newman 1986 (C) / minor revision 2003.

Cleaning Out The Garage, 2002   Pic: Courtesy Nasa
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