The eternal finger writes upon the black
a map of our destiny in abstract:
As above, so below
in the cosmic picture show.
Knowledge revealed on high
Pain and glory in the nightsky
For every heart and tribe, living proof
woven in the tapestry on earth's roof.

All things bright and beautiful
the God of creation made
stars for signs and seasons
time's purpose displayed.

He placed and named each one
revealing the history of his first born son.
Great Sphinx of Ghiza echoes in kind,
circle complete, judgment defined.

The Serpent's transgression
the blinding of man;
The warrior bull before the sacrificial ram
then the net is cast by the fisher of men

In the stellar drama
our hero rises from the dead.
The Lion's tail 
touches the virgin's head.

Now the water bearer pours
his Spirit on the land,
Christ in us completes the plan
for those who have an ear to understand.

- Keith Newman (1988-2002)        Starway to Heaven (article)

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