Bolt upright with horror
an empty scream
The substance of this nightmare
is greater than a dream.
Racing down cold hallways
Room to darkened room
Fragments of my past lives
like movies of shame.
Falling ... 
	falling ... falling

Waking in a wide-eyed sweat;
Another psychic shock:
Unruly subconscious
Playing hide-and-seek.

Thoughts and images clatter like chains
In the haunted mansions of the mind.

Ever running onward
where no-one pursues
Gathering sub-conscious clues
to unlock the doors to these dark rooms.

Pull back the curtains 
Let the light shine
in the haunted mansions of my mind.

You gave these phantoms life
now you must face your fears
Even midnight hand upon the throat
melts like wax beneath the flame
When heart and mind invoke the name
 of Jesus the Christ

No shadow can survive that light
In the haunted mansions of the mind.
                  - Keith Newman -1986-2000 (C) 
Cleaning Out The Garage, 2002  
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