(aka The Lord's Prayer)
Father in heaven show us the way
to live by the spirit  
in your kingdom today.
Heaven in earth, 
Your glory displayed
Christ in us - the living way.
Give us bread for our stomachs
and meat for our souls
Extend us your grace
when we're out of control.

Kingdom come
in what we do and say
Claiming the victory
in Jesus name
Kingdom come on earth today

Forgive us if we trespass
on the deceiver's side
keep us safe in your love
when we begin to slide;

Deliver us from evil, 
harm and temptation; 
Stand guard at the gate 
of our hearts and this nation.

Forgive us as we learn to forgive
Teach us the value 
of this prayer as we live.
Forever starts now 
as we give you the praise.
Your love shows the way
Kingdom come today

(transcribed to preserve original meaning by Keith Newman)
 Cleaning Out The Garage, 2002
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