Loose lips sink ships
 Guard your mouth unless it slips
 and lies escape from careless lips.
Careless lips don't tremble
when they're playing with your heart;
Careless lips cut deep
bitterness is sharp .
Motor mouth will fit your feet
if rattling tongues are indiscreet
Chain letter chatter:
you're a gossip and a cheat.

It's a big responsibility to own a tongue
Who can tame its poison?
Such a small instrument to put a big voice on.
Speak with care, 
the words you say will come back to you
What's in your heart is what you are
and will tell in what you do.
Protect your heart from the start
so words don't spoil your day
Tame your tongue while you are young
so your mouth won't run away
Cleaning Out The Garage, 2002       -Keith Newman (C) Art: Paula Novak
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