Some days are like a weight bearing down
some days are like floating on air

Inbetween there's hope and a blessing or two
to keep love alive and faith over fear.
Strong words and actions come back in their time
like bread on the waters and water to wine
and the Kiwi Blessings at the back of your mind

May people speak to your face
and not behind your back
May shades of gray
not obscure white from black

May you know the difference

between a fib and a fact.
Let your tongue speak in the cause of peace
May your hands be helpful and your mind at ease,
May your thoughts be pure and as free as the breeze.
Don't fall victim to jealousy or greed
Be true to yourself in word and deed

To good advice always pay heed.

Forgive and forget when you have been grieved.

Stand up for what you believe;

As you sow, you will also reap.
May the seasons be kind, both sun and snow;
May the seeds you plant blossom and grow,
May the holes in your pockets never show
Take time to understand and show you care
and your love will grow stronger every year

May you always have enough to share.

May you have a place to come in from the cold

so your children can visit you when you grow old

and hear the fond memories of your life retold
Do unto others and you'll never be poor
and the future will hold great wonders in store.

May the welcome mat be visible at your front door.
Kiwi Blessings from Aotearoa

Blessings to one and all

from where the kauri stand tall

and the oceans are as wide as the sky.

Blessings from Aotearoa
from the land of the Kiwi and the Moa
Blessings, and the Maori challenge,

are you friend or are you foe.
(C) Keith Newman- 1986-96


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