1. Unity, Oneness, sovereignty, light.
2. Witness, division/ duality, difference.
3. Divine perfection, Godhead, unity.
4. The world, creativity, material completeness.
5. Grace, heavenly favour, love.
6. Man under the curse of sin, time.
7. Spiritual perfection, God's seal, rest.
8. Resurrection, new beginnings, Jesus.
9. Finality, judgment.
10. Perfection of order.
11. Subversion, disorder.
12. Perfect government.
13. Rebellion, corruption, Satan.
37. The Word of God.
40. Probation, trials, testing.
153. Sons of God.
666. Man's godless systems,
- anti-Christ (whatever stands in place of Christ), 
humanity's animal nature/ the mark of the beast 
(where do you invest your time, labour or effort? 
Right hand or forehead?).
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