Garage Extras

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e-Poetry Book up to 2001  
Whodunit?   Who made this CD possible?
Reviews of past work    Media, emails and letters
Fragments of a life   Spaniard in the Works excerpts
Quotes & Inspiration  Inspiring words to consider 
Zeros & ones in love  (numeric and symbolic)
God is a Mathematician (the real Bible code?)
Starway to Heaven (article)
Knowledge in the Stars (Psalm 19 unraveled)
Beastly Rumours Persist Mark of the Beast article
Challenge for the Church
Heart Restoration Clues
Metamorphosis (we shall all be changed?)
Press Release for Cleaning out the Garage (Media)

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The Official Cleaning out the Garage Web Site 
Paula Novak (artist) 
Paula Novak singer, guitarist, performer: 
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